Children's Aid Foundation Canada

About the Cause: A Message From Our President and CEO

Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada envisions a future where fewer kids enter the child welfare system, and those who do, have access to the resources they need to build resilience and thrive. Founded in 1979, we are the only national charity supporting children, youth, and families involved with the child welfare system.

Powered by philanthropy, advocacy, and strategic partnerships, we design and fund programs that help children and youth access the resources and services they need to build and lead fulfilling lives.

Thanks to our donors' generous support, we partner with child welfare agencies and community organizations nationwide. Our programs provide measurable impact aligned with our strategic priorities which include: Addressing the overrepresentation of Black and Indigenous youth in the child welfare system, reducing the number of children and youth entering care by strengthening families; supporting kids currently in foster homes and government institutions with mentorship and educational supports; and connecting youth “aging out” of care to opportunities that help them to heal, develop meaningful community connections, and achieve independence.

From prevention to education, enrichment to cultural connections, employment, personal support, and more – Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada works to help keep families together, encourages hope and resilience and enables youth to pursue their aspirations and ambitions. As Canada’s leader in child welfare philanthropy, we work to build bridges from surviving to thriving, so these young people can enjoy a rich life of education, family, health, and success.

We would welcome your support.

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Valerie McMurtry, CFRE
President and CEO, Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada