Children's Aid Foundation Canada

Frequently Asked Questions

Answering your frequently asked questions about Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada and the WonderKit shop. Don’t see an answer to your question? Please email [email protected]. Thank you!

What is Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada?

Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada is our country’s leading charity dedicated to improving the lives of children and youth and families involved in the child welfare system. Unlike child welfare agencies, like the Children’s Aid Society, we are not a government agency. We raise and grant funds and develop high-impact programs that are delivered in partnership with 104 child- and youth-serving agencies across the country. Learn more on our website.

What is a WonderKit?

A WonderKit is a package of support for children, youth and families involved in child welfare throughout Canada. Each item that can be included in a WonderKit is valued at its real-world cost. These items and supports are provided to children, youth and families by Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada’s programs and funds. All items in the WonderKit shop are symbolic in nature to ensure resources go where they are most needed.

I don’t want to gift a WonderKit. I want to make a donation. How can I do this?

To make a donation to Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada, please visit You can also visit our In Honour and In Memory donation pages if you’d like to make a donation in someone’s name.

Can I personalize a WonderKit for my recipient?

With the gift of a WonderKit, you can send an e-card or download a printable PDF to give to your recipient. Both can be personalized and include your message of choice. For e-cards, please allow at least one hour for the e-card to arrive in the recipient's inbox.

Can my WonderKit be directed to a certain child, young person or family?

WonderKits are symbolic in nature. As such, a WonderKits cannot be directed to a specific child, young person or family. If there is someone who you believe might benefit from the resources or services represented by the WonderKit, they can learn more by going to our website or emailing [email protected].

Who will transport the WonderKits to the recipients?

A WonderKit is a symbolic gift that will be delivered to children, youth and families in the form of funding or resources through Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada’s programs and funds. The funding and resources provided through WonderKit gifts will go to support children, youth and families across Canada.

How will I receive confirmation of my gift?

Upon submitting your order online, you will automatically receive a confirmation email that will be sent to the email address provided.

I did not receive confirmation of my gift. What should I do?

Once your order has been completed, you will be directed to a confirmation page within a few seconds. If the page does not redirect it may be a result of a slow connection due to high traffic volume. Do not click submit again. If the page does not come up within a few seconds, check your inbox to see if you received our confirmation email, please check the spam and junk-mail boxes as well. If you have not received your confirmation email within 24 hours, please email us at [email protected].

Does my WonderKit gift qualify for a tax receipt?

Yes, all WonderKit gifts qualify for a tax receipt. Upon confirmation of your order, you will be sent an electronic copy of your tax receipt to the email address provided. Tax receipts will be for the total amount of your gift. If you do not receive a tax receipt, please email [email protected].

Who will receive the tax receipt for my gift?

As per regulations set out by the Canada Revenue Agency, the tax receipt will be issued in the name of the person who is paying for the gift.

What is your cost of fundraising?

Our cost of fundraising is 23% with expenses held close to flat, meaning that 77 cents of every dollar donated goes directly to funding programs and services. This figure is on par with what other reputable Canadian fundraising organizations have reported and well below the CRA’s acceptable ratio of 35%.